Bring Back Your Forms


Please don’t forget to bring your parent/teacher conference forms back on Monday.

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About Me

Hi and welcome! My name is Allison Klavano, or as you may often hear, Mrs. K. I have been teaching since 2004 and have loved every minute of it. I'm not your average teacher. I have been called goofy, crazy, and a little off the wall. But, I use those qualities to my advantage. In my classroom you will SEE individual work, group work, collaborative learning, cooperation, attentive learners, technology, and a variety of learning methods. In my classroom you will HEAR questions, debates, laughter, music, quiet learning, loud learning and discussions. I believe in a learning environment that is full of humour, fun, openness, comfort and safety.

I graduated with my Bachelor of Education as a generalist major and middle years minor through the U of A/RDC Collaborative program in 2004. I began substitute teaching immediately and landed my first teaching job in 2005. I taught grade 9 for one year, grade 8 for two years and then grade 9 for another 2 years all within the Alternative Program Stream in Red Deer. In 2010 I began a new journey teaching grade 7 at Normandeau School. Since then I have moved up to grade 8 and now am teaching both grade 7 and 8.

When I'm not pouring my heart into teaching you will find me at home with my husband Dave, my daughter Kallie, my son Kayden, my cat Molson and my dog Gibson. To keep things interesting I dabble in a few interests. I play snare drum and am the Drum Sgt. with the Red Deer Legion Pipe Band. I play clarinet with the RDC Symphonic Winds. I enjoy a plethora of TV shows and movies. I love playing Xbox 360, scrapbooking, playing piano and watching Oilers hockey...yes OILERS hockey!!! I also have a slight obsession with giraffes and Mickey Mouse, well, anything Disney to be honest.